With most of our information stored on our phones, the mobile phone is an indispensable asset for all humans. From phone numbers to e-mails to messages and many more, our phones are a virtual container for all of our data. Phone numbers, especially are extremely important and just as difficult to remember, due to which there is no other choice but to keep them in our phones for easy access.

 Unfortunately, as is the case with all machines, they may sometimes malfunction, which could potentially result in the loss of important contacts. To prevent this, Google has offered an extremely useful service that helps you to find and save all your phone contacts in Gmail, their e-mailing app. If your phone contacts ever go missing or are accidentally deleted, they can be easily synced from Gmail to our devices and restored.

The procedure of doing this is extremely simple and has been discussed below in a few steps.

Step 1: Download the Contacts app.

Google has created its very own contacts app, which allows the user to back up their phone contacts onto its interface. Search for contacts on the Play Store to download it. If you already have the app downloaded, this step can be skipped.

Step 2: Sync your contacts to Google 

After the app has been downloaded, open it, after which it will ask for access to the phone contacts. Click allow, choose the Google account you wish to sign in with, and the app will automatically update and sync all your phone contacts to that account. 

If there are a few contacts that remain unsynced, you can do this manually by opening the Settings app on your phone and selecting  Google →  Account services → Google Contacts sync → Also sync device contacts → Automatically back up & sync device contacts. Turn on the automatically back up and sync device contacts option. You can choose the account you prefer for saving your contacts. Select it, and all your contacts will be backed up.  

Step 3: Open Gmail and check your contacts

If you are working on a desktop pc or a laptop, you can open your contacts by clicking on the Apps icon which looks like a square made up of nine individual smaller squares. You will find the apps icon near the Gmail icon. 

On opening it, you will be able to see a list of icons for other Google services, which include Google Photos, Google Drive, and Youtube. Amongst these icons, you can see Contacts and view your saved phone numbers by clicking on it. In case the icon is not immediately visible, you can scroll further down to search for it, and in the future, you can even rearrange the list by dragging the Contacts icon toward the top so that you can find it more easily. 

This can also be done by directly going to by typing it in your web browser. 

On an android device, simply open the Gmail app and tap the three horizontal bars present on the upper left corner of the search bar. On scrolling further, you will be able to view “Contacts.” Click on it, and you will be able to access your phone contacts.

Step 4: Restore your contacts.

If you accidentally lose your contacts list due to unfortunate circumstances, it can be easily restored by following a few basic steps. In your phone’s Settings app, select ‘Google.’ There will be several options visible under a “Services” tag. ‘Restore Accounts’ will allow you to resave your contacts to an account of your choice. If you have multiple accounts, with each account having a few Phone numbers, then you may have to repeat this step a few times, as you can only select one account per try. To choose the account each time, select “From Account”.  

Tap the phone with the contacts to be copied and turn off “SIM Card” or “Device Storage” if you don’t want to copy your SIM card and phone storage contacts. In order to initiate the process, click on ‘Restore.’ Wait until you see a notification saying “Contacts restored”, after which you can go through the contacts list and check your phone numbers. 

To prevent duplication of any contact, your phone will automatically avoid the contacts it already has, and the restored phone numbers will also be synced to your current Google account. 

This can also be done by opening your Gmail app and selecting contacts, which will open the Contacts app. Click on the dropdown icon on the top left and select Settings. Scroll down and click on Restore, after which you can proceed as mentioned above.

As we all know, a person’s contact details are an essential piece of information, and in few cases are one of the few things that form a connection between you and someone else. Safety of the contact details are essential, and you can assure safety by executing the steps. In case of any issues, you can easily find all your phone contacts through your Gmail account and restore them if required. 

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