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A One-Stop Solution to Solve the Instagram App Crashing Issue

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media application that is utilised by more than 80 million users today. The app keeps updating and developing to come out with new and more enthralling features to keep consumers hooked on it. The social media application is useful for news, as well s for interaction with your peers as almost everyone has an account in this easy to use social media application.  Lately, Instagram has been seeing a hike in popularity after the ban of Tiktok in India, and the addition of reels in Instagram to satiate those who were hooked on to Tiktok. 

However, there are sometimes when for no reason, your Instagram app can crash. 

The crashing issue is a hindrance which needs to be addressed immediately. 

What are the reasons that can cause an app to crash?

There are many reasons that can cause an app to crash. If you have too many apps open on your phone, then the apps might be running on multiple threads and soak up memory, causing it to crash. When people make apps, they forget to write codes that are in sync with multitasking as well as other apps, but many code as if their app is the only one in existence! Another plausible reason is the life of the software used in the app. Nowadays, apps are released with their basic structure in place and then improved upon to keep the audience attracted to them. However, this ends up compromising on the longer lifespan of the software used due to the constant updates, and the dependence on the operating system. Every application depends on the internet or some other kind of network for their functioning. In today’s age of technology where everything is online, seamless internet connectivity seems to be the word of the day. The network signal might weaken from 3G to 2G, you might move from one place to another, and this will cause a disturbance in connectivity. 

How to solve the crashing issue on Instagram?

Instagram, like all other apps, is not immune to the crashing problem. The consumers complain that the crashing occurs on Android and IOS alike. The crashing seems to be most frequent when users upload stories or try opening their DMs. 

This article provides you with solutions that deal with the crashing issue. 

  1. Clear Cache

Cache data collects information and helps to speed up the app for your benefit. However, if the cache becomes overcrowded with data, you might end up facing crashing issues. In Android devices- 

  1. You will just have to press the Instagram icon and hold it down.
  2.  Access the option of ‘App info’ 
  3. Go to ‘Storage and Cache.’ 
  4. Now just check ‘Clear Cache’ and open Instagram again. 

Hopefully, your crashing issue will be resolved. In IOS phones, you will be unable to clear the cache separately, What you will need to do is uninstall the app from Settings, and then you will see the deletion of all data that is related to the app. 

  1. Updation of the Instagram app 

The app may not have updated automatically on your phone, and it may pose crashing problems due to this. On Android phones –

  1. Press and hold the Play Store icon
  2. Click on ‘My Apps.’
  3. Now, go to Instagram, and then update it. 
  4.  Check for a System Update on your phone. 
  5. Go the System Settings and click on System Updates. 

System Updates often come with bug fixes that might just have the solution to your crashing problem. In IOS –

  1.  You need to click on the App Store 
  2. Click on the ‘Today’ option. It will be visible if Instagram is due for any updates.
  3. Update the app before reopening and see if the crashing problem still persists.

You can check for System Updates on IOS as well. 

  1. Go to ‘Settings,’
  2. Click on ‘General’
  3. Click on ‘‘Software Update

3. Reinstallation of the app 

You can also try to reinstall the app on any IOS or Android devices. However, it is important to remember the password of your account so that it is easy for you to log in again. On Android-

  1. Press and hold the app.
  2. Then tap on ‘Uninstall.’ 
  3. Open Play Store, and then click on ‘Install’ to reinstall the app. 


  1.  Click and hold the Instagram app. 
  2. Then click on the ‘Delete’ option. 
  3. After deleting the app, go the App Store and reinstall it again. 
  4. You can now login using your password and see if the problem persists. 

4. Logged in to multiple devices 

If the Instagram app is crashing when you try to open your DMs, it may be caused due to the fact that you have used your account and logged in on different devices simultaneously. You will need to delete all your logins, and you can do this easily. 

  1. Go to the Instagram login activity page on the internet
  2.  Click on your past logins to erase them. 
  3. Then ‘Log Out’ from the web page
  4. Log out from the Instagram app on your phone. You will need to put in your password for your account and access Instagram.

5.Check if the app is crashing for others

The app might also be facing a technical issue or a glitch that is causing it to crash, so ensure if it is crashing only for you, or if others around you are facing the same issue. If the app has an inherent technical glitch, then the same will be resolved soon by Instagram itself. You can check if Instagram is up and running on DownDetector, which checks for issues that people are having with Instagram all over the world. This will give you an accurate summary of the app and how it is working, anywhere and anytime. 

These are just some tried and tested solutions which might just help to resolve any issues that you are facing.