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How To Download Instagram Stories On Mobile And PC?

Social networking sites have become an integral part of our lives without which we can’t spend even a single day. Instagram is one of them. Today, almost everyone is using Instagram for fun, for expressing themselves, as a career option, for business, and much more. We can spend hours scrolling the newsfeed or watching reels. From providing us a good source of entertainment to enhancing our knowledge, from making us able to share our views freely to setting up a business, Instagram provides us many opportunities. Many times, we come across Instagram stories that we wish to download but we can’t as there is no such feature present other than taking screenshots.

Saving Instagram stories by taking screenshots or screen recording is the most popular way today but by this method, we can’t get the picture or video in its real resolution and that clarity as the quality reduces. This gives birth to the need for some ways for downloading Instagram stories.

Although there are numerous websites and apps to do so, here are the ways that work 100% without wasting your time or efforts. 

Before the ways of downloading other people’s Instagram stories you must know that although downloading the Instagram stories without the person’s permission is not punishable by law, but still, if you use them for your business or profit earning or of you upload someone else’s video on YouTube without permission or if you use random girls pictures for some illegal purpose, it may become a legal offense.

Here are some of the ways by which you can download any Instagram story.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app and choose the account whose story you want to download.

Step 2- Copy the account name/ username of the account.

Step 3- Open google chrome or any other browser which you like.

Step 4- Search www.instadp.com

Step 5- Select Instagram stories and paste the username there.

You will have a list of the stories and you can download whichever you want. You can easily find the downloaded picture or video in your gallery.

Pros- You can download Instagram DP, stories, or reels, whatever you want, just at a click.

Cons- Ads may disturb you in between.

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  1. Step 1, 2, and 3 the same as above.

Step 4- Search or directly open the link https://storydownloader.net 

Step 5- Paste the username and click her stories.

You will get all the stories and you can directly download them and check out in your gallery.


  •  Simple method.
  • Comparatively faster and smoother.
  • No advertisements to disturb you.
  • 3 languages option available- English, French, and Italian.

Cons- No limitations are there. Although you can’t download reels or DP there, it’s much easy to download stories.

  1. Step 1, 2, and 3 are the same as above.

Step 4- Search or directly click on the link https://toolzu.com/downloader/instagram/stories/

Step 5- Click the download button and paste the username which was copied earlier.

You will find the stories as well as highlights and can download them easily.


  • You can download current stories as well as highlights at one click.
  • You can download posts, DP, stories, IGTV, or reels whatever you want.

Cons- It may take up to 30 seconds to find the stories after clicking the download button and sometimes, an error can also appear.

  1. Step 1- Download the app “Story saver for Instagram – Assistive story”.

Step 2- Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 3- Search the account whose story you want to download.

Step 4- Open the person’s profile.

Step 5- Click on the story you want to download and clock on the download button in the top right corner.

Your story will be downloaded and saved.


  • You can download stories as well as highlights easily.
  • The dark mode is also available.


  • Downloading an app especially for downloading stories of other people when several other ways are available for this work is a troublesome task.
  • Advertisements keep on disturbing you all the time.
  • You have to log in to your Instagram account before downloading stories.
  • All the downloaded stories get automatically deleted when you delete the app.
  1. Step 1- Go to play store and download the app ” Story saver for Instagram – Story Assistant”.

Step 2- Open the app and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 3- After logging in, search the account whose story, post, profile pic, or IGTV you want to download.

Step 4- Open the story and click the download button in the lower-left corner.

Step 5- The desired story will be downloaded on your mobile or PC.


  • You can easily download and save stories in your gallery.
  • Videos or pictures can be downloaded in the desired quality.


  • Sometimes, the app doesn’t respond and your time gets wasted.
  • After deleting the app, all the saved data gets deleted.

 Note- There are websites also that claim to download Instagram stories but fail to do so. Such websites don’t do anything more than wasting our time. You may fill in the username and click on the download button and even enter the captcha but still, you will be unable to download. So, to save your time and efforts, here is a list of such sites.

  1.  https://storiesinsta.com 
  2. https://www.storysaver.net 
  3. https://igstories.app 
  4. http://zasasa.com/en/download_instagram_stories.php 

Instagram has become a part of our lives and living without it seems much difficult. It connects us to the world around us. Although the feature of downloading stories is absent on Instagram, it is for other privacy concerns. It’s not wrong until you use it for unlawful purposes. The ways mentioned above will make it much easier for you to download stories whichever you want without any hassle. The time of screenshots or screen recordings has gone and now you can download the stories in perfect quality and with the same resolution. So, don’t waste any more time and download whichever story you want to download.